The founding of amindfulcenter came as part of a shift in professional interests for the founder, Dr. Joshua Ginzler, who had conducted crucial research on homelessness for over a decade. His clinical research was moving in the direction of mindfulness interventions treatments but he soon saw a great breadth of work to be done in the private sector to help others mitigate their suffering. Thus began amindfulcenter & the path that lead to today.

The format of the work at amindfulcenter is divided between those services offered to the clientele seeking psychological wellness and the professionals dedicated to the provision of that service. The individual work focuses on therapies for the individual clients and supervision or case-consultations for individual professionals; as well as pedagogical programming in the form of psychoeducational workshops for the community and continued professional education for the professionals.

amindfulcenter partnered with the Center for Mindfulness at UCSD to create a node in the PacNW to offer 5 day residential retreat trainings for various evidence-based mindfulness programs that CFM already delivers. We are touring facilities & hope to begin offering trainings by summer of 2012.

Greater Good Science Center is partnering with us to further develop their content on their online materials and better include more work from the mindfulness community. Dr. Ginzler will soon begin submitting to their blog and GGSC is eager to promote the evidence for MFSR as it becomes available.

The Center for Compassion & Altruism Research & Education at Stanford

received the largest non-Tibetan donation ever from HHDL. Geshe Thupten Jinpa, HHDL’s primary-translator, & a international scholar, worked with CCARE to develop Compassion Cultivation Training, the loving-kindness answer to MBSR. Dr. Ginzler is honored to partner with CCARE, becoming one of the first teachers of CCT & assisting CCARE to more fully disseminate CCT in the PacNW, & via development of a 5 day residential retreat.

amindfulcenter will be recruiting in the next year to expand its programming and begin offering the community greater access to Mindfulness Based Child Birthing. We will be looking for therapists, midwifes &/or doulas who are interested in bringing mindfulness practices more deeply into their work with expectant families.

Finally, we are accepting referrals for individuals, couples, or families; as well, we work with a wide range of ages, from older children to older adults. Please feel free to contact Dr. Ginzler about any specific cases or how to develop a stronger partnering with amindfulcenter.

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