Mindful Science

Mindfulness-Based Interventions, considered the third wave of psychotherapy, are becoming the “trend” and some agencies may rush to add a mindful or contemplative treatment program to appease clientele. amindfulcenter is founded on empiricism, and Dr. Ginzler has a long active research career that started in 1991 and is well respected. Here is a sampling of Dr. Ginzler’s CV (unabridged provide upon request):

Director & Investigator of four large NIH grants from NIAAA, NIDA, & NIMH
Investigator on seminal Housing First study funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Awarded Independent Scientist Career Development Award by NIDA for the study of substance use and suicide in street youth.

Research Scientist at University of Washington that can provide you with the ability to get out ahead of the crowd. If your agency is determined to provide thoughtful and well tested treatment to its clientele, then be the agency that provides the community with the research and development to assure that your methods are evidence-based, not only for the community at large, but particularly for those who trust you to serve them directly. If you wish to see a strong contemplative treatment program at your facility, talk to us about amindfulcenter’s three phase evaluation research model: 1) program curriculum development, 2) staff retreat training, and 3) evaluation grant proposal development and submission for federal PHHS grant programs.

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