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amindfulfamilystressreduction & amindfulvillage

The 8 week Mindful Family Stress Reduction Course prepares people to be better parents and helps kids grow more fully.

• Learn with your family, and better prepare your children for life.
• Gain social-emotional skills to help you better connect to your loved ones and other meaningful relationships in your life.
• Develop a formal practice to better manage potential stress.
• Become more compassionate toward yourself and others by understanding how we live with judgment.
• Experience life more fully!

Join the Mindful Village Program & build a community embarking upon a shared healthier life-path.
• Gain focused social support.
• Meet weekly in community homes.
• Benefit from your Mindfulness-Coach’s guidance as you embrace your change.
• Receive monthly Life-Lessons on topics of great pertinence to families at your stage.
• Experience life more fully.

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